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COMMUNICATION:  Canyoneering Signals

Whistle SignalsHand Signals

COMMUNICATION:  Canyoneering Verbal Commands

“On Belay?” Short for “Are you on belay?” Climber or rappeller asking belayer if he/she is ready.
“Belay On!” Short for “Yes, the belay is on!” Response from the belayer assuring the rappeller that he is ready.
“Rappelling” What the rappeller says to the belayer indicating he is starting to rappel.
“Rappel On!” The belayer’s acknowledgement that he’s ready and the rappeller can start rappelling.
“Off Rope!” What the rappeller says when he is completely detached from the rope.
“Lower Me” A command to the belayer from the rappeller that he is ready to lean back and be lowered.
“Lowering” Belayer’s response that he’s in control of the rope, ready to lower and proceeding to do so.
“ROCK! ROCK! ROCK!” A warning given by anyone who observes a rock or any other object falling.
“Rope” A warning given to anyone who may be below before a rope or rope bag is thrown down.
“Slack” Short for “Give slack.” A command to the belayer to let out some rope or that he’s holding too tightly.
“Tension” A command to the belayer to take out slack or to hold the rappeller by applying the brake to the belay.
“Up Rope/Lower Rope” A command to the team on top of the rappel for setting rope length.
“Canyon Left or LDC (Left Down Canyon)”   Left side of canyon while looking downstream.
“Canyon Right or RDC (Right Down Canyon)”   Right side of canyon while looking downstream.

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