Imlay Potshots

Potshots are required for serious pothole escapes, can be used as transient anchors, and can even be used as rope bags for shorter ropes!


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Imlay Potshots

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Potshots can save enormous wear and tear on your pack. Rather than tossing that large, awkward, expensive and fragile pack, put some sand in a Potshot, tie a rope to it, and toss it over the lip of a pothole so you can ascend out! (You’ll probably need a few!) These also work well for transient sandbag anchors: Fill 4 of them and you can likely rappel off of them, given some advanced rappelling techniques, testing, backing-up, sequencing and gaining confidence in it! Because of the new fully taped seams, they’re less likely to blow-out as quickly! Because of the new tie-in point inside, you can use them as a rope bag for your shorter ropes!

Weight: 7oz/200g


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