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Q: Do I need any experience to take canyoneering courses with Uber Adventures?

A: No experience or previous training is required to take the basic 3-day Technical Canyoneering Course.  However, If you’re interested in taking any of the subsequent, more advanced courses, the basic 3-day course (or an equivalent, approved course), or ‘significant’ canyoneering experience is required.  If you are not sure if a course you’ve taken is ‘equivalent or approved’, please give us a call.  If you have ANY questions about which course might be ‘right’ for you based on your canyoneering experience, also give us a call … we’d be glad to help you figure it out.

Q: Do I need my own canyoneering gear for the course?

A: If you have a harness, a couple of locking HMS screwgate carabiners (auto-locking do not work well for canyoneering), a Figure-8 and ATS rappelling device, a climbing helmet, a pair of gloves and a safety tether, plan on bringing them. If you need to borrow any/all gear, we will loan it out during the first night of class.  All gear may be returned to Uber Adventures at the end of class on the last day. If there’s canyoneering-specific gear you’d like to purchase before, during or after the course, check out the UberAdventures online store.

Q: Are the courses held outside or could they be cancelled due to inclement weather?

A: Since we host our training courses on-location at our training sites around the country, we will be outside for all (or at least a majority) of the course. Be sure to check the weather and dress accordingly!  We seldom cancel courses.

Q: What type of clothing should I wear for a canyoneering course?

A: Canyoneering can be rough on clothing.  We suggest you wear relaxed fit clothing that you don’t mind getting damaged.  A couple of our exercises tend to scrape up your legs, so some students wear, or change into, full length pants for them.  Athletic shoes or trail shoes are ideal; hiking boots will work but are not necessary; rock climbing shoes are inappropriate for class (and for canyoneering in general) .. though approach shoes work well!

Q: Where is your training site?

A: We teach our courses at our training sites across the country:  Los Angeles-CA, Las Vegas-NV, St George-UT, Salt Lake City-UT, Moab-UT, Prescott-AZ, Boulder-CO!  Find the location that works best for you!

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As we are primarily an Adventure Sports Training Center & Outdoors School, we spend most of our time in the field. If you are in need of advice on technical gear, or have questions about our programs, please give us a call or send us an e-mail.