Team Members


Todd Kolberg

Owner, ACE L1-L4 Lead Instructor - Los Angeles, ACE L5 Certified Guide, Canyoneering & Rappelling

Growing up in Wisconsin, Todd spent summers camping at his aunt & uncle’s campground, swimming in ponds on the farm, waterskiing in the river, and snowmobiling in winter. After moving to Los Angeles, Todd attempted to overcome his fear of heights by taking accelerated free-fall skydiving training, He soon started looking for something closer to the ground that was more social, more scenic, better exercise, and more enjoyable. He quickly got turned on to canyoneering and has since explored canyons throughout the western states as well as islands in the Caribbean. A certified Wilderness First Responder, Todd is also a full-time lecturer at USC, loves to teach, and is thrilled to share his love of canyoneering with others.

  • ACE L1-L4 Master Instructor
  • ACE L5 Certified Guide
  • WFR/CPR (Wilderness First Responder)
  • Leave No Trace Master Educator
AJ Pastula

Training Partner, Colorado. ACE L1-L4 Canyoneering & Rappelling Instructor. ACE L5 Certified Guide

To put it mildly, AJ has a passion for the outdoors. He has almost 40 years of experience backpacking, skiing, cycling, scuba diving, skydiving, rafting and adventure racing, and his adventures and training include the vertical roped sports of canyoneering, rock/ice climbing, mountaineering, caving, mountain rescue and cave rescue.  During his 20+ years of canyoneering, he has descended more than 1,500 unique canyons around the world, including many explorations.  In addition to his recreational pursuits, he has also taught or helped teach survival skills, winter survival, rock climbing, adventure racing, ice climbing, caving, mountaineering.  AJ is now partnering with Uber Adventures to teach canyoneering in Boulder and Grand Junction, Colorado.

  • ACE L1-L4 Instructor
  • ACE L5 Certified Guide
Ben Lewis

Owner, ACE L5 Certified Guide, ACE L1-L4 Lead Instructor - Las Vegas, Canyoneering & Rappelling

Originally from the Midwest, the Great Plains didn’t offer enough vertical excitement for me and I knew I’d eventually leave. That opportunity came with a new job travelling the world with Cirque Du Soleil. I spent my free time of the next decade as an Ecotourist hiking, paddling, and playing in the wilderness. I settled down in Las Vegas in 2014 and Canyoneering quickly became my favorite outdoor activity. When not descending canyons, you’ll most likely find me Ultra running in the desert and mountains.

  • ACE L1-L4 Master Instructor
  • ACE L5 Certified Guide
  • IRATA/SPRAT Rope Access Technician
  • WFA (Wilderness First Aid)
Luke Murray

Luke, originally from northern NJ, has spent the last 12 years in the American west, setting down roots in Colorado and Las Vegas. As a kid, Luke attended a wilderness focused sleepaway camp that inspired his love of the outdoors through multi-day canoeing, backpacking, spelunking, rock climbing, and fishing trips. Following a move to Las Vegas in 2020, he caught the canyoneering bug and acknowledges it is now his one true obsession. Having quickly racked up hundreds of canyon runs in a few short years, Luke is ecstatic to combine his professional background in education and guiding with his newfound love of canyoneering as an instructor for Uber in the Las Vegas area. When not working with his students, academic and canyoneering alike, Luke is almost certainly out in a canyon, perhaps one he’s done 30 times before.

  • ACE L1 Instructor
  • WFR (Wilderness First Responder)
Jasmine King

ACE L1-L4 Instructor - Moab, ACE L5 Certified Guide, Canyoneering & Rappelling

Throughout her entire life, Jasmine has always found solitude and happiness in nature. She has a fiery passion for adventures in the great outdoors. As a military veteran, Jasmine served as a medic in the US Air Force. While stationed in Northern California, she started snowboarding, wakeboarding, riding motorcycles, backpacking and trail running. Since she moved to Tucson, AZ, she found her true passions: Caving, Climbing, and Canyoneering! From first descents to world-class canyons, Jasmine is always up for exploration. She loves teaching almost as much as she enjoys helping people discover their own sense of adventure in nature as a guide.

  • ACE L1-L4 Instructor
  • ACE L5 Certified Guide
  • WFR/CPR (Wilderness First Responder)
Klaus Gerhart

Founder, Master Instructor, Lead Guide, Rappelling, Canyoneering, Rescue

As founder of Uber Adventures, the largest canyoneering training provider in the U.S., Klaus has been referred to as one of the most prolific and best-trained canyoneering instructors in America.  ACE (Association for Canyoneering Education) Master Instructor/Certified Guide, ACGA (American Canyon Guides Association) Certified Guide, Officer and Instructor, Certified Tactical Rappel Master, Wilderness First Responder, Advanced Swiftwater Rescue Technician, Technical Rope Rescue Technician, trained Whitewater Rafting Guide, former Basic Mountaineering Instructor for Sierra Club’s Wilderness Travel Course, Map & Compass Navigation Instructor and a Master Educator for Leave No Trace wilderness ethics.