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Uber Adventures proudly offers all 4 of the standard ACE curricula courses, outlined below. In addition to the ACE-L1-L2-L3-L4 courses, Uber Adventures also offers America's only relevant Swiftwater Canyoneering Course, the ACE-L5 Canyoneering Guide Assessments (Certification), and a variety of split-course options. Our courses are offered throughout the year across the Southwest. After perusing the course descriptions on this page, you can find the locations and dates on our Course & Calendar pages, or in our online store (reached by selecting the 'Enroll' button on the corresponding description.) If you don't find the course dates and locations you want, inquire about a private course!

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Technical Canyoneering Course 300x300

Technical Canyoneering Course (ACE-L1)   

Learn to Canyoneer!

Canyoneering and Canyoning are terms used to describe an adventure sport that combines hiking, wading, swimming, jumping, sliding, boulder-hopping, scrambling, rock-climbing, sometimes packrafting and always rappelling — often over waterfalls.

Canyoneering is an emerging adventure sport in the US, and has grown significantly in popularity over the past decade.  This sport has unique risks and requires a very specific set of technical skills to enjoy it safely.  Rock-climbing, caving, mountaineering and swift water training teach related skills for your ‘toolbox’, but Canyoneering has become highly specialized, and much of the gear and many of the techniques of Canyoneering are distinctly different from those of the other sports …and, that’s where we come in!

Prerequisite: None

This is a beginner to intermediate course which teaches the skills necessary to safely descend canyons as part of a group (being a competent participant and the knowledge to recognize and implement safe canyon practices). This course is designed to quickly get the beginner up-to-speed on basics, to give both the rookie and intermediate canyoneer new tools for his/her toolbox, and will help intermediate cayoneers refine their current skill set!  The topics and skills covered will include:

  • Knots, Bends and Hitches
  • Canyon Rating System
  • Rules, Ethics, Style, Communication and Courtesy
  • Specific Gear Choices, Requirements, Use and Care
  • Belays, Lowering and Handlines
  • Natural, Artificial, Transient & Human Anchors
  • Static and Contingency Riggings
  • Rope Deployment, Coiling, Bagging and Etiquette
  • Rappelling Techniques & On-Rope Skills 
    (Adding Friction Pre-rappel, Mid-rappel, Locking Off, etc.)
  • Specialized Rappelling Techniques 
    (Hard Starts, Soft Starts, Free-Hanging, Over-Hanging, etc.)
  • Basic Climbing & Down Climbing Skills 
    (Bridging, Stemming, Partner Assists, Partner Captures, etc.)
  • Safety Checking and Basic Self-Rescue
  • And, within each of these broad subjects are a myriad of skills and tools.

The cost of this course is only $395! (The course fee is non-refundable, but may be put toward a future class during the same calendar year if 30 days notice are given, cancelling your participation in this course.)  Please read more course/company policies here.

Required gear for this course is a harness and a helmet (we can loan these out if you don’t have them … and we will offer a 10% discount for any gear bought before/during/directly after the course, and we’ll also be loaning out carabiners, descenders, tethers, foot loops, prussiks, etc.  Feel free to borrow our gear for this course, until you determine what your needs will be.

**Since we do not loan out classroom gear for our recreational canyon descent on the Monday following this course, consider purchasing our gear kit for this course, and for your future in this sport!  http://uberadventures.net/product/basic-canyoneering-gear-kit/**


We are often able to descend a nearby canyon with the students on the Monday following this course!  If you have Monday free, inquire about the possibility to join on this recreational activity, and put your new skills to use! 

Advanced Canyoneering course 300x300

Advanced Canyoneering Course (ACE-L2)   

This Advanced Canyoneering Course (ACE-L2) is designed to provide students with the tools needed to jump to the next level of technical skill and become competent and safe canyoneers in ALL classes of canyons and touches on techniques and skills for Canyon Essentials (ACE-L3) and Canyon Rescue (ACE-L4). The practical experience that you gain during this course will give you the knowledge and confidence to tackle advanced canyon obstacles and many unexpected situations. This extremely popular curriculum has set the standard by which all other courses and curriculums may be judged. This course was designed primarily to meet the needs of recreational canyoneers, but also forms the training foundation for those planning to seek certification as a Professional Canyon Guide (ACE-L5).

Prerequisite: Uber Adventures’ 2-day Technical Canyoneering Course (ACE-L1) or Instructor permission. Since this Two-Day Advanced Canyoneering Course (ACE-L2) builds upon the skills and techniques presented in our 2-day Technical Canyoneering Course (ACE-L1), you must have that training or extensive personal experience to be admitted to this class.

The topics covered include:

  • Advanced Knots & Hitches
  • Retrievable/Releasable Anchor Systems
  • Transient Anchors
  • Artificial Anchors Installation & Inspection
  • Multi-Pitch Rappels
  • Simul Rappels
  • Advanced Rope Work for Traverses
  • Guided Rappels & Tensioning Systems
  • Deviations/Re-Directs
  • 3 Ascending Methods & Transitioning on top of Ascend
  • Converting from Ascend to Rappel
  • Pothole Escape Techniques
  • Basics of Mechanical Advantage

Basic personal gear is required for this course: Harness, Helmet, Rappel Device, Safety Tether, Multiple Locking HMS Carabiners, 48″ sling/runner/footloop, prusik loop, and possibly any mechanical ascenders you would like to learn how to use (2X Wild Country Ropeman II’s or Basic & MicroTraxion combo recommended .. bring ’em.)  We will provide Ropeman II’s for training/practice!  (Uber Adventures also offers a 10% discount off all gear purchased before/during/after this course!)

Tuition for this 2-Day Advanced Technical Canyoneering Course (ACE-L2) is $395 per individual. A $100 non-refundable deposit will reserve your space in this class.  While the deposit is non-transferrable and non-refundable, it may be put toward a future course in the same calendar year if 30 days notice are given, cancelling your participation.  If 30 days notice are not given, the remainder of the course fee will be due regardless of whether or not you attend the course.  Read more company/course policies here.

Included with tuition is all instruction and all group Canyoneering equipment, i.e.: ropes, webbing, rope bags, rapides, rigging, etc. … and a Certificate of Completion!!

Warning: The activities in this course have been found to be addictive. Only those people prepared for ultimate adventure and nonstop fun need attend!

Canyon Essentials  Course 300x300

Canyon Essentials Course (ACE-L3)  

Improve your skills and expand your ‘toolbox’!

Uber Adventures’ Canyon Essentials Course (ACE-L3) is designed to prepare some for organizing canyon trips, and others for an improved toolbox of skills; specifically providing the next level of skills training through technical instruction and experiential practice.  While these tools are a vital component for any active canyoneer, they are imperative for anyone leading rookies, kids, family or friends into a canyon.  This course provides strategic training for unexpected technical and group management challenges … when things don’t go quite as planned!

While this course is designed primarily to meet the needs of recreational canyoneers, it also serves as a bridge between the Advanced Canyoneering Course (ACE-L2) and the Canyon Rescue Course (ACE-L4), and forms the training foundation for those planning to seek certification as a Professional Canyon Guide (ACE-L5)!

Skills covered include:

  • Group Gear Choices & Distribution, Pack Management
  • Strand Isolation and Leapfrogging for speeding things up
  • Static Courtesy Rappels to make hard-starts easier
  • Dynamic Courtesy Rappels to make super-hard-starts safer and easier
  • Lowering Systems for emergencies and speed
  • Pre-Rigged Rappels and Rigging Kids for Rappel
  • Static & Dynamic Edge Protection to increase rope life
  • First Rappeller Belay options, Handlines and Sequencing
  • Passing Knots on Ascend and Rappel
  • Converting Static Block to Lowering System for assist or rescue
  • Isolating In-Field Rope Damage (Core Shot)
  • Constructing a Swiss Seat for rescue or gear failure
  • Rappelling on a Munter for emergencies
  • Advanced Friction Settings and Long Rappel Belay Options

Prerequisites: Since this course builds upon the skills and techniques presented in our Technical Canyoneering Course (ACE-L1) AND our Advanced Canyoneering Course (ACE-L2), we recommend that you’ve either taken both courses or have significant relevant personal experience before taking this class (please inquire if you’re unsure if this is the correct course for your current skill set).

Required/Recommended Gear: Harness, Helmet, Rappel Device, Figure 8 for Rigging, Gloves, 5-6 HMS Screwgate Carabiners, 48″ Sling or Foot Loop, Personal Safety Tether/Lanyard, Prusik Loop, Mechanical Ascender(s), 20′ of Webbing, 20′ Cordelette or Canyon Cordelette (and appropriate shoes and pack).

Tuition: This Canyon Essentials Course (ACE-L3) is $395 per individual.  Tuition is non-refundable and non-transferrable but may be put toward a future course in the same calendar year if 30 days notice are given cancelling your participation in this course.  Feel free to post any questions on this event or send me a greeting/e-mail through meetup.  Included with tuition is: A CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION!!

Canyon Rescue Course 300x300

Canyon Rescue Course (ACE-L4)     

Train Hard.  Plan Well.  Be Safe.

                                                    …but accidents still happen.

This Canyon Rescue Course by Uber Adventures teaches the skills necessary to perform immediate, in-canyon self-rescues, partner rescues, and how to assist with group emergencies … all with your groups’ normal rack-and-pack (the minimal gear you should carry on your harnesses and in your packs.)

Boost your confidence and fill your mental toolbox with skills to handle technical emergencies.

This course not only teaches you the skills and methods necessary to execute a variety of rescue procedures, but it provides the impetus for critical thinking through an emergency.

How would you help a canyoneer stuck on a rope?  How would you help an unconscious canyoneer stuck on a rope?  How quickly could you figure out how to convert a static block to a lowering system?  Could you haul a rappeller back to the top of a drop by yourself?  Have you ever been in a canyon, assessing a fictional problem and felt helpless?  Are your responsibilities in a canyoneering event greater because you’re the leader/organizer?  Would you like to be a more valuable team member?  This course is vital for not only canyoneering leaders, but also for conscientious recreational canyoneers who value their own safety and the safety of their party.

With the technical skills presented in this course, you could prevent the need for calling in an expensive Search And Rescue team, avoid putting rescuers at risk, avoid spending the night in a canyon, and continue a canyon descent with a non-critically injured teammate.

Prerequisite:  Participants should have some advanced formal canyoneering-specific training.  This course builds on the skills taught in the Uber Adventures’ 3-day Technical Canyoneering Course (ACE-L1), the Advanced Canyoneering Course (ACE-L2) AND the Canyon Essentials Course (ACE-L3).  While we are not requiring the completion of each of those courses as a prerequisite, those who have had advanced formal canyoneering training will find it easier to ‘keep-up’ with this curriculum.  If you’re not sure if this is the course for you, please give us a call and we can discuss your skills and training.

The topics and skills covered will include:

  • Knots, Rope Grabs & Progress Capture Methods
  • Anchors, Rigging & Friction Dynamics for Rescue
  • Mechanical Advantage and Haul Systems
  • Converting Static Rigging to Haul or Lower
  • Assisted Rappel & Tandem Rappel Techniques
  • Hero Rescue, Balancier Lift
  • Rappelling on a Tensioned Rope
  • Guide Ropes, Tag Lines, Belays
  • Cut-and-Lower Procedures
  • Special Ascending Techniques for Rescue
  • Pick-Off Procedures Scenario
  • Considerations for musculoskeletal injuries

Association for Canyoneering Education (ACE) CERTIFICATION!


ACE Guide Assessment (Certification) (ACE-L5)    

The ACGA (American Canyon Guide Association) was formed following the dissolution of the ACA in 2011 (though it has attempted reorganization several times since).  The ACGA was to become America’s first professional association for the industry of canyoneering. Four years later, its volunteer Board of Directors and limited membership were been unable to host the guide assessments for which it was created and it dissolved. It is the goal of ACE to independently fill this void in certifying guides, now and for our future.

ACE will provide:

  • Certification for professional canyon guides
  • Standardized curricula for canyoneering instructors
  • Safety forums and tools for the canyoneering community

Our Mission: To set an American Standard to which professional canyon guides and instructors can be held; to present a clear path to certification for professional canyon guides; to host professional canyon guide assessments; to develop standardized technical canyoneering curricula; and to develop relationships between land managers, guide services, and training providers.

Please find below the details on the process to become a certified guide, and the benefits that accompany certification.  Even if guiding isn’t in your future, the Assessment is great proof of your competence in the canyon environment.  While this program is new, it is a strong one, and one which has drawn on the successes and learned from the failures of a variety of programs, both in the sport of canyoneering, and many others.

The fee for the ACE Guide Assessment is $395; Registration ($295) and 3-year Membership to ACE ($100).

What is the path to certification for professional canyon guide?

  • Be proficient in all of the skills on the ACE Master Skills List.
  • Sign-up for and pass a 2-day ACE Guide Assessment.
  • Provide a Canyoneering Resume showing your:

(1) Training (dates, courses, organizations, instructors)

(2) Experience (primary leader of 30+ unique canyon descents with 6+ people each)

(3) References (4 canyoneering professionals or recreational)

Where do I learn the skills on the ACE Master Skills List?

The best way to ensure you learn ALL the technical skills on the ACE Master Skills List is to take the series of four ACE curriculum courses (L1, L2, L3, L4) offered by a variety of providers. Those 4 courses teach all the technical skills on the ACE Master Skills List. You could also learn on your own by attending any combination of courses, workshops, practices, etc, and then fill-in-the-blanks (the skills you haven’t learned yet) by reading books, searching the internet, or learning from friends. This isn’t always easy to do and the skills you learn may not be ideal. During an ACE Guide Assessment, you will be evaluated on safety, efficiency, and canyoneering-specific methods of achieving a goal. Keep that in mind should you choose to learn canyoneering from anyone other than an ACE Certified Guide or ACE Instructor.

Does ACE recognize other professional canyon guide certifications?

Yes. Submit your request to have your existing certification recognized by ACE, along with the name of the certifying entity, the curriculum and/or assessment process you went through, the date of your original certification and the date of your most recent re-certification. We will assess the program and make a determination.

If your certification is recognized, you will need to register with ACE as a professional member, pay your membership dues to ACE, and recertify every 3 years with ACE.

Are other training or certifications required to become an ACE Certified Guide? 

No. We evaluate your technical proficiency and decision-making as they relate to the technical aspect of canyoneering, and a general knowledge of navigation, weather, hydrology and group health. However, Wilderness First Aid/CPR, Wilderness First Responder, Swiftwater Rescue, Leave No Trace, Meteorology, Navigation and other relevant formal training may be required by your employer, by land managers, and by insurance providers.

How is the ACE Guide Assessment administered?

  • In 4 parts: Written, Skills, Exercises, and Scenarios.
  • Candidates will provide their own ropes and equipment for the ACE Guide Assessment unless otherwise indicated by the hosting entity.
  • All skills will be evaluated on safety, best application, and efficiency. ACE does not assess interpersonal skills, teaching style or likability. Therefore, these traits have no weight during an ACE Guide Assessment. Employers will make these determinations during their interview process.
  • Candidates will be graded Pass or Fail
  • In the event of a Fail during the ACE Guide Assessment, the candidate will be required to retake the entire Assessment at a future date.

What are the benefits of Professional Membership?

  • All the benefits associated with a Sport membership
  • Pro-deals & discounts (regularly pursuing new relationships)

      Imlay Canyon Gear

      Liberty Mountain

      Outdoor Prolink 

  • Recognition, relevance, relationships
  • Business listings, Employer/Employment listings & assistance
  • Professional Membership is $100 for three years, which includes registration, the creation of a professional PROfile on ACECanyoneering.com, mailing out the ACE-L5 Certified Guide certificate, and the helmet stickers.

How long does my ACE-L5 Certified Guide certification last?

The ACE-L5 Certified Guide certification is valid for three years, at which point ACE requires recertification.

ACE Master Skills List