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Canyoneering and Canyoning are terms used to describe an adventure sport that combines hiking, wading, swimming, jumping, sliding, boulder-hopping, scrambling, rock-climbing, sometimes packrafting and always rappelling — often over waterfalls.

Canyoneering is an emerging adventure sport in the US, and has grown significantly in popularity over the past decade.  This sport has unique risks and requires a very specific set of technical skills to enjoy it safely.  Rock-climbing, caving, mountaineering and swiftwater training teach related skills for your ‘toolbox’, but Canyoneering has become highly specialized, and much of the gear and many of the techniques of Canyoneering are distinctly different from those of the other sports …and, that’s where we come in!

INSTRUCTION:  UBER Adventures is America’s premier Canyoneering Instruction, Events and Community!  We offer a variety of Canyoneering Courses to get the beginner/intermediate Canyoneer up-to-speed in his/her Canyoneering-specific skills; to provide intermediate Canyoneers with the skill set to tackle Advanced canyons; to train Leaders/Organizers the techniques and strategies for technical and group-management challenges; to teach individuals and groups the skills necessary to perform immediate in-canyon self-Rescues, partner Rescues and to assist with group Emergencies; and ultimately to provide the comprehensive training for anyone interested in seeking certification as a Professional Canyon Guide.  (check out the courses here)

COMMUNITY:  So, what’s the point in learning a new sport if you never get to play!?  Well, we’ve got that covered, too!  In addition to our passion to teach this sport, we also sponsor several social networking forums for Canyoneers on Meetup called Canyoneering California, Canyoneering Arizona, Canyoneering Colorado, UTCanyoneering, & Canyoneering Las Vegas.  Our Meetups are the fastest growing, best trained, and most active Canyoneering Communities in America, and each require completion of our 3-day Technical Canyoneering Course before you can participate on events (exceptions can be made for others, but you must inquire) … but that is the only prerequisite!

Our Motto:  Pay for the training and your fun is FREE!

These forums are where our graduates, friends, rookies, ambassadors, and leaders can post and sign-up for canyon descents.  There are usually lots of local Canyoneering opportunities, and sometimes Canyoneering opportunities arise in Arizona, Utah, Nevada, Colorado, Oregon and Washington …and once in awhile you might see something posted for Hawaii, New Zealand, Italy, Austria, France, Mexico or Puerto Rico …woohoo!   (Join our Meetup groups:  It’s FREE!)

EVENTS:  (Yeah, we organize/host those too!)  There are hundreds of Canyoneering routes in the Southwest and UBER Adventures doesn’t believe in limiting our experiences to just local canyons.  So, several times each year, UBER Adventures hosts UBERFests in regions across America (usually in the South/Southwest, i.e.: Globe, AZ – Moab, UT – Capital Reef, UT – North Wash, UT – Las Vegas, NV).  These events are primarily cost-sharing events, which make them cheap, cheap, cheap!  (i.e.: 4-days in a canyon-rich region seldom costs more than $40-$80 … and includes camping!)   These events are primarily open only to graduates of any of the UBER Adventures Canyoneering Courses (exceptions can be made for others, but you must inquire)!

GEAR:  You can’t go Canyoneering without the proper gear/shoes/packs … and, yes, we’ve got THAT covered too!  Check out our online store!  You can shop online and usually have gear delivered to one of our courses, or to your address!   All UBER Adventures students can take 10% off any technical gear in the online store, or in person… DANG!  Call for your student discount code!