Canyon Leader Course (ACE L3)

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Canyon Leader Course (ACE L3)

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Leader Course (L3)

Improve your skills and expand your ‘toolbox’!

Uber Adventures’ Canyon Leader Course (ACE L3) is designed to prepare some for organizing canyon trips and others for an improved toolbox of skills; specifically providing the next level of skills training through technical instruction and experiential practice.  While these tools are a vital component for any active canyoneer, they are imperative for anyone leading rookies, kids, family or friends into a canyon.  This course provides strategic training for unexpected technical and group management challenges … when things don’t go quite as planned!

While this course is designed primarily to meet the needs of recreational canyoneers, it also serves as a bridge between the Advanced Canyoneering Course (ACE L2) and the Canyon Rescue Course (ACE L4). It also forms the training foundation for those planning to seek certification as a Professional Canyon Guide (ACE L5)!

Skills covered include:

  • Group Gear Choices & Distribution, Pack Management
  • Strand Isolation and Leapfrogging for speeding things up
  • Static Courtesy Rappels to make hard-starts easier
  • Dynamic Courtesy Rappels to make super-hard-starts safer and easier
  • Lowering Systems for emergencies and speed
  • Pre-Rigged Rappels and Rigging Kids for Rappel
  • Static & Dynamic Edge Protection to increase rope life
  • First Rappeller Belay options, Handlines and Sequencing
  • Passing Knots on Ascend and Rappel
  • Converting Static Block to Lowering System for assist or rescue
  • Isolating In-Field Rope Damage (Core Shot)
  • Constructing a Swiss Seat for rescue or gear failure
  • Rappelling on a Munter for emergencies
  • Advanced Friction Settings and Long Rappel Belay Options

Prerequisites: Since this course builds upon the skills and techniques presented in our Technical Canyoneering Course (ACE-L1) AND our Advanced Canyoneering Course (ACE-L2), we recommend that you’ve either taken both courses or have significant relevant personal experience before taking this class (please inquire if you’re unsure if this is the correct course for your current skill set).

Required/Recommended Gear: Harness, Helmet, Rappel Device, Figure 8 for Rigging, Gloves, 5-6 HMS Screwgate Carabiners, 48″ Sling or Foot Loop, Personal Safety Tether/Lanyard, Prusik Loop, Mechanical Ascender(s), 20′ of Webbing, 20′ Cordelette or Canyon Cordelette (and appropriate shoes and pack).

Tuition: This Canyon Leader Course (ACE L3) is $395 per individual. Please read our course/company policies here.

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May 24, 2024 – Moab, UT, June 15-16, 2024 – Boulder, CO, October 25, 2024 – Moab, UT, November 9, 2024 – Los Angeles, November 15, 2024 – Las Vegas, December 7, 2024 – Tucson, AZ – NEW Location

2 reviews for Canyon Leader Course (ACE L3)

  1. Todd Kolberg

    …the skills only one person in your group really needs to know, BUT SOMEBODY BETTER!

  2. Jake Hall

    I took this class in Los Angeles with Todd on 12/5/21. The description is accurate, a large amount of material covered in a single day course. It’s not needed for everyone but if you want to lead a group the information is invaluable.
    As always Todd was able to break down the content into manageable pieces that were clearly explained and put into practice.

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