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This is the basic gear you’ll need for our Technical Canyoneering Course, and for your first canyoneering experience with us.  If you already have some gear, this will serve as a list of the gear we recommend for your initial foray into the sport of canyoneering, and for our beginning/intermediate course.

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Product Description

Basic Canyoneering Gear Kit (PPE: Personal Protection Equipment)

Entire Kit:  $371.25

If you are signing-up for our Technical Canyoneering Course (ACE-L1), and have no gear, this is the basic gear you’ll need for the course, and for your first canyoneering experience with us (the often offered Monday Canyon!)  If you already have some gear, this will serve as a list of the gear we recommend for the sport of canyoneering, and for our beginning/intermediate course.  If enrolling in our Advanced Canyoneering Course (ACE-L2), please see ‘Advanced Canyoneering Gear Kit’.  That gear is a list of the additional gear you’ll need for that course.  Same goes for our ‘Canyon Essentials & Rescue Gear Kit’.

When ordering any of these ‘kits’, you have the option of paying our $15 Flat Rate shipping to have it shipped to you before class (time permitting), or to choose the shipping option ‘No Shipping for Deliveries to Courses’, and with enough lead time, we’ll have the items waiting for you at class.

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PPE included in this ‘Basic Canyoneering Gear Kit’

Black Diamond Momentum DS Harness:   We love this unisex harness because it has all the features we like in a canyoneering harness at a lower price, and can also be used for climbing.  It has some padding for comfort while remaining fairly hydrophobic, has durable, protected gear loops, has 4 speed-lock buckles for virtually automatic safety and extraordinary flexibility while keeping everything centered, and has openable leg-loop buckles for adding a butt protector.  (We are not fans of any of the canyoneering-specific harnesses on the market and find the rhetoric surrounding the mandatory ‘horizontal belay loop’ to be ‘preference’, and not performance or safety.)  $69.95  (choose your size at checkout)

Black Diamond Half-Dome Helmet:  We love this helmet because it is comfortable, comes it great colors, and has both unisex AND woman-specific helmets (in feminine colors and which accommodate ponytails!) … all at a perfect price-point!  $59.95  (choose your size, style and color at checkout)

Black Diamond Transition Gloves:  If you haven’t noticed, we love Black Diamond!  While wearing gloves to rappel is a personal choice, we are firm proponents!  These gloves protect your hands from the heat and abrasion created while rappelling.  They are comfortable, and fit most so perfectly that you can keep them on while tying your knots and doing your rigging.  We have found no glove that works as well in both dry and wet canyons. (They are leather so they don’t like being soaked repeatedly, but they still protect your hands better than any neoprene or gardening glove!)  $39.95  (choose your size at checkout)

Sterling ATS Rappel Device:  We believe that what defines a rappel device for our sport is ‘horns’.  The Petzl Pirana has become obsolete in America because it is not designed for 8mm ropes (and regardless of the rope diameter that you own, you will eventually be rappelling on someone else’s 8mm rope!)  Of the 3 remaining canyoneering rappel devices (the ATS, the CRITR, and the HooDoo), we teach on the ATS.  It is our favorite, it is manufactured by a large company with no supply issues, and it has amazing features for rappelling single-strand or double-strand, 8mm or 9mm, has pre-rappel and mid-rappel friction options, isn’t overly sized, and even has features we use for some advanced rigging.  $39.95  (choose green or black at checkout)

Sterling Falcon SL:  These carabiners are designed to work flawlessly with the Sterling ATS Rappel Device, and they are made in the same matching colors (Thank you Sterling!)  They are not only our recommendation for use with the Sterling ATS Rappel Device, but they are also an all-around perfect carabiner for every other use in our sport.  They are mid-sized, HMS (pear-shaped), manual screw lock, and are made from a round aluminum stock, allowing our ropes to roll around them smoothly.  $15.95  (choose green or black at checkout)

Sterling 7mm Accessory Cord (8′ to make your own safety-tether with 2 different length tails):  Sterling again knocks it out of the park with this Accessory Cord.  It is 500lbs stronger than most other 7mm Accessory Cord.  This added strength is why we love it to make our own safety tethers.  It is supple, strong, and easy to tie.  $5.00

Black Diamond Gridlock Carabiners (x2):  These carabiners are actually designed as non-cross-loading carabiners (so you can’t inadvertently load the gate of your carabiners incorrectly causing a safety issue), but we love them for our 2-length safety tethers because the ‘hook’ feature keeps our cord locked in the crotch of the carabiner.  $19.95 x 2 =  $39.90

Black Diamond RockLock Carabiners (x4):  These carabiners do it ALL (round stock, HMS-pear shaped, manual screw lock, key nose, etc) at a fantastic price point.  You’ll need 4 of these for now to carry your figure-8, your 48″ Sling/Foot-loop and Prusik, and still have 2 empties for rigging, clipping and bagging.  $11.95 x 4 = $47.80

Black Diamond Super 8:  This low-profile, light-weight figure 8 will be used throughout our series of courses and throughout your career as a canyoneer for things like rigging Contingency 8 rappel blocks and Creeping, Easy 8 lowering systems, Jokers (dual contingency rappels), etc.  We also teach you how to rappel with it, lock it off, and all of its friction possibilities (and limitations) so you can also use it as an emergency device should you loose your dedicated rappel device.  (Also is great for rigging kids and for some rescue scenarios.)  $15.95

48″ Sling/Foot-loop/Runner:  While these come in a variety of materials and diameters, our favorite is the Nylon/Dyneema (Spectra) combination, and the 13mm width.  These are crazy strong, durable, easy to use, great gripping properties, and aren’t bulky.  We use them for self-rescue, ascending, extensions, emergency tethers, and sometimes for making a compact pig-rig system!  We won’t let anyone join us for any canyon descent without one.  $15.95

Dogbone:  We use this for extending our rigging-safety back to our anchor, to extend our rappel device on occasion, to stagger hardware on complex systems, etc.  $3.95

30′ of 1″ Webbing:  We recommend every participant should bring webbing into a canyon.  Though not actually PPE, webbing is required to re-build anchors as needed, and can be used to lower a pack over a down climb, to extend the pull-side of a rappel rigging, to build a swiss-seat, add compression for a splint, etc.  We’re including ‘black’ because it is a color universally acceptable (and required in some locations).  In a canyon, if you can’t match the surroundings with your webbing, black looks like a crack, a stick, a shadow .. it doesn’t stick-out like a sore thumb.  We ALWAYS avoid using brightly colored webbing like blue, red, purple, day-glow yellow and safety orange!  $14.95

5/16″ Quicklink (Rapide):  Another required component of our anchor systems.  Though anchor material is probably ‘group’ gear, should you need to build or replace an anchor, you’ll need one of these, so carry one!  $2.00

Prusik Loop:  We provide you with the 6mm Accessory Cord and teach you how to make your own during class.  $2.00  $0

Waterproof 100-dB Whistle:  We provide our students with these as ‘schwag’ after class.  $10.00  $0

This gear is REQUIRED for any responsible canyoneer.  The additional REQUIRED gear you’ll need to advance through your training and our courses is minimal.  There is always new gear to try, new colors to fall in love with, new tools for new challenges, group gear to purchase and share through your canyons, but this is a rather small initial investment in your new sport considering the places it’s going to take you!!

Additional Information

Harness Size

XS-M: 26″-35″ waist, L-XL: 30″-42″ waist

Helmet Style/Color

Womens Aluminum/Burgundy, Womens Caspian Blue/Grey, Unisex Sm/Med Orange, Unisex Sm/Med Ultra Blue, Unisex Sm/Med Limestone Grey, Unisex Sm/Med Torch Red, Unisex Sm/Med Blizzard White/Green, Unisex Med/Lg Orange, Unisex Med/Lg Ultra Blue, Unisex Med/Lg Limestone Grey, Unisex Med/Lg Torch Red, Unisex Med/Lg Blizzard White/Green

Glove Size

XS, S, M, L, XL

ATS Rappel Device Color

Green, Black

Falcon Carabiner Color

Green, Black

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    We’ve developed this kit to answer the needs for our courses, and for those who can’t wait until we discuss these choices in class!

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