Newsletter, November 2014

Howdy Folks!  Just wanted to share a little news so you can start salivating!

1)  UBERFests next year will be Arizona in April, Zion in May and North Wash in October!  As soon as I have firm dates, I will post the events! (I might also try to squeeze in a mini-fest for Death Valley, Capital Reef or Red Rocks!)

2)  The Uber Adventures store will be open for business in December!  It’s a grand 1300 square feet with 70 linear feet of street-level windows is located at 21901 Devonshire St in Chatsworth .. only 1/2 mile from Stoney Point!  It is not only a retail store selling canyoneering specific gear (Petzl, Black Diamond, Trango, Wild Country, BlueWater, Sterling, Edelrid, Edelweiss, Grivel, Beal, Imlay, SMC, CAMP, ETC!!!), but it also boasts a classroom with anchor/rigging stations, free-hanging rope stations, white-board, projector screen, 2 offices, a break/work room with fridge and microwave, and a restroom with shower!  I have personally remodelled this space and this ambitious location will host regular events bringing in manufacturers, beta-makers, rangers, cavers, SAR teams, authors, photographers, directors and dominant personalities from our industry/sport and ones closely related to it!

3)  In 2013-2014 Uber Adventures expanded it’s course offerings from the basic Learn to Rappel Workshop & the 3-day Technical Canyoneering Course, to an Advanced Canyoneering Course, the Canyoneering Level 3 Skills Course (aka Leader Course) and the Canyon Rescue Course.  In addition to keeping those courses running, the new course offerings for 2015 will include Class C Canyoneering and Swiftwater Skills, Reading Weather/Meteorology, Wilderness First Aid, CPR, Map & Compass Navigation, Leave No Trace Wilderness Ethics, and Professional Canyoneering Guide Prep courses!   Our plan for 2016 includes a 2-week high-school boys summer camp in Utah and a 4-week college co-ed summer camp in Utah … both on Wilderness Leadership, First Aid & Technical Canyoneering!

4)  The course previously known as Canyon Leader Course has been re-named to something more accurate:  Canyoneering Level 3 Skills Course.  I’ve been informed that the previous title of this course (Canyon Leader Course) was mis-leading.  This course is not only for people interested in becoming Leaders, but it provides the training bridge between the Advanced Canyoneering Course and the Canyon Rescue Course.  There is little cross-over in the skills between any of the courses!  Please take a moment to re-read the description for this course and pay special attention to the skills list and Testimonials!  The course has 3 confirmed participants and could use a few more!­

5)  Another goal of Uber Adventures for 2015 is to begin a canyoneering outfitting and guiding service.  We are currently in negotiations with the USFS & BLM!  If you are interested in working some weekends to guide, teach canyoneering or teach wilderness first aid, send me your outdoors resume.  There are insurance requirements, training requirements, availability requirements, and personality requirements … not everybody is cut-out to be a teacher or a guide!

Wishing you the best adventures for the remainder of the year, I am, sincerely yours,
Klaus Gerhart, Owner/Lead Instructor, Uber Adventures

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