UBERFest: North Wash, October 7-11, 2015

UBERFest: North Wash 2015

Who wants to go to Hanksville to do some awesome Utah canyons!?

The area around Hanksville is riddled with canyoneering opportunities:  The Irish skinnies (Lucky Charms, Blarney’s, Shillelagh, Leprechauns, Shenanigans), the Hogs (Boss Hog, Hogwarts, Merry Piglet, Miss Piggy, Razorback), the Poison Springs (Arscenic, Constrychnine, Monoxide, Slideanide), Maidenwater, Fooling Around, the Black Hole of White Canyon (if you like long, dark, deep, cold swims … AND I DO!), Morocco, and Woody (a canyon with multiple pothole escapes!)

You MUST be a graduate of an UBER Adventures canyoneering course to participate on this event (in addition to those who are already approved to attend our events).  If you are not sure how this requirement affects you, please drop me a note before you sign-up!  There are several Uber Adventures 3-day Technical Canyoneering Courses/Advanced Courses/Leader Courses/Rescue Courses between now and October.  Get the training if you’d like to join!

Train Hard – Plan Well – Be Safe … and HAVE FUN!

LOCATION:  Hanksville, UT is an 11 hour drive from Los Angeles (plus a 1-hour time change).  All of the canyons I’ve done in the area are loops or lollipops … I don’t recall needing a car shuttle for any of them.  So Carpool!

CAMPING/LODGING:  We’re staying at a commercial campground in Hanksville, UT, and I’ve reserved an enormous grassy group area for us and our tents.  There are very few picnic tables and I don’t recall much in the way of BBQ’s .. so if you can bring a folding table and camp chairs, you should!  You are not permitted to sleep in your vehicle as it is a shared parking area.  If you are bringing an RV or Trailer, please make your own reservation at:  Duke’s

This commercial campground is located in the middle of Hanksville and has showers and a restaurant.  Hanksville also has Stan’s Burger Shack (awesome!), gas stations and cel service!

Most other rendezvous’ camp a half hour away at the SandThrax campground (which is free and closer to the canyons), but there’s no cel service, no water, no toilets, no reservations, no picnic tables, deep sand ingress and it’s in a floodable area with a serious noseeum problem.  So, we’re camping like Angelenos .. showers, accessible and connected!

Weather:  Average Highs in the 70’s and Lows in the 30’s

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