UBERFest: Zion, May 27-31, 2015

Who wants to go to UBERfest: Zion for some real UTAH canyoneering?!

Uberfest zion

This is a cost-sharing trip … the $30 being collected for this event is a deposit to cover the cost of a group campsite, permit applications and actual permits.  Here’s how it works:  1)  If you choose to camp in the group campsite, approximately $10-$15 will be deducted from your $30 deposit.  2)  The group cost of permit applications, used permits and unused permits average about $5/person/canyon.  If you join on somebody else’s permit, approximately $5 will be paid from your deposit to the permit holder.  If you are the applicant, you will receive approximately $5/application from this fund.  If you are the permit-holder, you will be reimbursed for your actual expenditures from the collected deposits.  If you sign-up for the trip and cannot attend, you will forfeit your $30 deposit as a cancellation fee.  If your incurred fees are not covered by the $30, we will let you know after the event and you can pay the balance.  If your incurred fees do not add-up to $30, you can request a refund or donate it to the Canyoneering California Meetup Group to pay for its monthly dues.  So, there is no fee for this trip, just a deposit!  This event is only open to graduates of any of the UBER ADVENTURES Canyoneering Courses.  The participants in this event will have the gamut of experience from trained canyoneers doing their first Utah canyons … to experienced canyoneers who will be asked to open their trips to accommodate some of our newest graduates/rookies, and take them through some awesome, yet friendly, canyons!

There will be several Technical Canyoneering Courses offered between now and this event.  If you wanna go … get the training and become a competent participant and valuable team member!

THE GROUP CAMPSITE:  I’m providing a large group campsite which will hold 20-40 people, but cars will NOT be allowed to park at the group campsite.  The parking spaces will be empty and available for picking-up/dropping-off your ride-sharing canyoneers and gear.  ALL cars will need to be parked in overflow parking or at the visitor’s center, which is a 3 minute walk away!  The Group Campsite will also lend itself for all group activities including facilitating canyon changes, gathering for ride-sharing, meals, the potluck, games and especially, CAMARADERIE!  Because we will always want to get a super early start for our canyons and morning shuttles, our evenings at the group campsite will end early so people can get their sleep.

If the group campsite fills-up or if you want your own campsite, try to get one close to Group Site 001, and share it with your carpool-mate or another car!  If this is your choice, you’ll be responsible for making (and paying for) your own camping arrangements at the Watchman Campground in Zion NP.  Pay attention to the recreation.gov site for when campsites are open for reservations (I think it’s 3 months in advance).  ALSO, DO NOT get another group campsite at the Watchman … it is against the rules for 2 group campsites to be reserved by people affiliated with each other.

CARPOOL!  DO IT!  It’s 7 hours away from LA. Two-three people to a car would be reasonable when you consider camping gear, coolers, canyoneering gear and the fact that there will likely be car shuttles required for some of the canyons.

You’re also responsible for the park entry fee, your own travel, and your own meals .. except!…  we will absolutely DO A POTLUCK  at 6:30pm on Saturday evening … picnic-type food!  i.e.: pasta salad, burgers, sausages, potato salad, cole slaw, hot dogs, buns, chips, salsa, salads, beer, wine, jello, …your family favorite!  Please do not plan on bringing dessert unless you are baking it yourself .. Plan on bringing a main course, salad or side dish to feed 4-6 people (not enough to feed an army .. that’s not necessary!), and the means with which to cook/heat it up/serve it … if required. Also, you are responsible to provide your own plate, cup, spoon, knife, fork .. etc.

CANYONS:  Everyone should try to get permits for something (the more we apply for, the more likely we will have options for everyone!)  Plan on getting permits for 6-12 people (depending on the canyon), otherwise it’s difficult to split up into tiny groups.  For days that we have no permits, there are several canyons surrounding the park that we can descend with no permit required.  These are some of the canyons you should try to get permits for (READ THE BETA before you apply!):  Subway (try to get 8-12 permits), Das Boot, Pine Creek, Keyhole, Middle Echo, Spry, Mystery, Behunin, Telephone, Lower Refrigerator, Englestead, Orderville … wooohooo!! … several of these require wetsuits which can be reserved and rented (along with Canyoneering shoes) from Zion Adventure Company. http://www.nps.gov/zion/planyourvisit/canyoneeringpermits.htm (Once you are awarded any permit, please DO NOT ANNOUNCE THEM!).  Send me a private e-mail and I will help distribute people appropriately, and/or we will have sign-up sheets at the group campsite.

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